AUGUST 19th-22nd

Updated Grouper Grapple Rules and Regulations 2021

    • At least one angler from each team MUST be at the MANDATORY Captain’s Meeting Thursday night August 19th at Fish-Tale Restaurant on Ft. Myers Beach.
    • The start will be a shotgun start from San Carlos Pass at 6:30am. Teams will be required to check in with Official Tournament Boat between 6:00am and 6:25am prior the shotgun start.
    • Boats must return to Fish-Tale Restaurant by 6:00 pm on Friday August 20th. The weigh station will be located in front of the Fish-Tale Restaurant. The Weigh Station will open at 4:00PM for any teams returning early, but ALL boats must be within sight of tournament officials in order to qualify no later than 6:00pm. All fish must be brought in by boat.
    • Grouper Grapple 2021 consists of two categories: Grouper and Snapper.


    • Grouper
      • In order to qualify for 1st-3rd place each boat must submit one of each species of grouper (Gag, Red and Scamp).
      • The combined weight of all 3 species wins.
      • In the event that no team is able to submit all 3 species, the combined weight of one of each species qualifying grouper species (Gag, Red and Scamp) submitted wins.


    • Snapper
      • Combined weight of 3 of the largest species of snapper (Mutton, Mangrove, Lane) wins 1st and 2nd.
      • Any combination of snapper, not to exceed 3, can be submitted.


    • Tournament Grouper and Snapper must be measured according to all FWC regulations as of 8/19/21. It is the responsibility of the angler to know the regulations. If you have questions visit for more information. Any fish brought to the weigh station that does not meet the current laws will be disqualified.
    • Any fish weighed and entered in by tournament officials become the property of The Grouper Grapple Offshore Fishing Tournament. These fish are being served at the awards ceremony. If you weigh more than 3 Grouper or 3 Snapper, you may keep the Grouper not counted towards “total weight.”
    • All fish must be caught on rod and reel, hook and line. No electric or hydraulic reels, no spear fishing or explosives.
    • No mutilated or frozen fish eligible. At Weigh Masters’ discretion all decisions are final.
    • No passing of fish between vessels at any time – this includes bait.
    • In case of mechanical breakdown, fish cannot be transferred from one boat to another.
    • Any protest by any participant in the 2021 Grouper Grapple Offshore Fishing Tournament must be in writing and presented to a tournament official no later than 1 hour after the weigh station has closed. THE DEADLINE IS 8:00 PM – NO Exceptions!!All protests must be accompanied by a $350.00 filing fee in cash. If the filing fee is not paid, the protest will not be acknowledged. Any protest filed will be handled immediately and appropriately.
    • The 2021 Grouper Grapple fishing tournament will administer a polygraph test to the Tournament winner and any other angler officials deem necessary.
    • Calcutta (100% Payout)
      • Largest Black Grouper $250.00
      • Largest Gag Grouper $200.00
      • Largest Red Grouper $200.00
      • Largest Scamp Grouper $200.00